My Ideal Bachelor’s Home

I have been traveling the whole 2016. It was the year that I felt something was missing in my life – my own home. I was living in overseas for almost 18 years and I have always managed to “build” my own home wherever I was. I think home is the most important factor to ensure a healthy mind and body, especially for a bachelor. A comfortable home allows you to properly rest and recharge yourself, so that you can be ready for another brutal battle that is waiting for you out there. A home is a place where you can hide yourself from the rest of the world when you desire for a peaceful mind. A home is also where you can invite those that you loved to share a moment of their time with you safely and freely.

Being a bachelor does not mean that you can’t live comfortably. On the contrary, being a bachelor, if you have a proper financial plan, you’ll always have that extra allowance than couples with children to spend on your dream home. On top of that, it is easier to maintain too.

As someone who had 3 bachelor nests before, I have only very simple rules for a home. Here are what I would like to share with you:

It must be affordable:

Anything in life that you have to keep worrying about is not worth the effort. Buying or renting a place works the same, it must be within budget and there is still balance for you to live a decent life and save a few pennies for the raining day.

Comfortable and practical:

Make sure your home is designed to suit your life style and serve your daily life purposes. In a simple term, it has to be practical so you can feel comfortable.

Clean, warm and welcoming:

Imagine after a log day of work, you can finally escape to the place where you can rest and relax. You certainly want it to be warm, clean and welcoming. Therefore, easy to maintain and clean up should be a priority. If it is a small place, try not to have too many unneeded stuffs.




Let your home speaks for you:

Decorate your home in the way you like. It is your home, it reflects your tastes and who you are. There are people who like their home with splendid colors and extravagant decorations. There are also people who are minimalistic and their homes are simple, basic and down to earth. As for my case, I liked some nice paintings and shelfs to keep my books. Most importantly, the rooms must be airy and bright so it can bring the positive energy in.

Have a cozy corner:

Even it is your home, sure there will be a special corner where you’ll feel most at ease. How about a place where you can meditate or day dream? Some like to cuddle in their sofa but there are people who like to bring nature to their home. I missed my little balcony where I could have my daily morning coffee and sometimes a few glasses of Mojito.


Share your home:

Share your home and your time with people whom you love. Invite your friends and families to your place for some great time together. Share the laughter and bring the happiness back to your home. Only a home that has laughter will keep your heart there.

If you think you will be by yourself for some time, then my advice is to start building your own home now. With a home, you’ll feel more settled, safe and less lonely. A home is the best friend of a bachelor and it is for life. Remember, it is never too late to build your home.


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